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Brand Ambassador Program

We are looking for confident, stylish, women and men who embody what it means to walk with confidence and express with soul. If you have a personal style that is admired by others and aren’t afraid to show it, you may be the perfect fit for the Vintage Vibe Tribe Brand Ambassador Program. 


We know word-of-mouth is the best way to build a brand, and we would love for you to join Vintage Vibe Tribe as a Brand Ambassador. Vintage Vibe Tribe is an indie clothing company that creates one-of-a-kind pieces through embellishment and customization. We incorporate vintage material to showcase individuality and reduce fashion waste.

As a Vintage Vibe Tribe Brand Ambassador, you will…

  • Share your custom Vintage Vibe Tribe Shop With Me Page and Unique Code with your friends and family. Every time that code gets used, you will receive a commission.

  • Receive a free Vintage Vibe Tribe Collection Piece.

  • Get invited to Vintage Vibe Tribe exclusive events. 

  • Be featured on our Social Network Pages and Newsletter.

  • Receive exclusive discounts on Vintage Vibe Tribe Collection Pieces. 

  • Notate in your bio that you are a Brand Ambassador for Vintage Vibe Tribe.

  • Use Vintage Vibe Tribe tags and hashtags in posts that include links to our website, social media, and share information about Vintage Vibe Tribe. 

  • Post high-quality photos or videos about Vintage Vibe Tribe once every 14 days. Remember, visual context and quality of content are important and will increase the power of promotion and help drive the earnings you will receive.

  • Remain respectful and positively endorse Vintage Vibe Tribe with inspirational content.

We choose our Brand Ambassadors based on their enthusiasm and passion to represent us both locally and virtually. Writing, photography and social media skills are important – but above all, we’re looking for inspiration and active involvement. 


Must have and be able to demonstrate extraordinary communication & organizational skills.

Your Facebook and Instagram accounts will need to be public. 

Be comfortable working on your own while receiving remote coaching and supervision.

Possess an outgoing personality with a desire to positively represent Vintage Vibe Tribe.

Must use digital social sites and understand social networks.

To learn more about our program, email us: or use our Contact Us form to reach us.


We’re excited to hear from you! 

Please note: The terms & conditions of our Vintage Vibe Tribe Brand Ambassador Program can be modified at any time at our discretion.

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