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“The artist may not always be the maker, It may be the person who sees the piece and recognizes the art in it”

-Rick Rubin
Founder and Creative. Director-Laura-Vintage-Vibe-Tribe
Army Jacket withPeace Sign

So, what is Vintage Vibe Tribe all about?

We're about authentic and independent design.
We're about thrilling our customers.
We’re about supporting small businesses.
We’re about knowing that clothing doesn’t have to be new to be awesome.
We're about making a difference - one design at a time.
We're about giving back to our community.
We're about pushing the boundaries with our choices.
We’re about a never-ending passion to wear clothing that speaks to us. 

Our Story

We are a vintage-inspired clothing brand that bangs to our own beat and runs it like rock-stars! We feel the past was super cool and it's time for it to make a comeback! 

Vintage Vibe Tribe launched in 2019 by rock 'n roll, vintage lover, Laura Schueller.   Using her skills as a fashion buyer, she created a few designs. When they sold out, she knew that she was on to something special.  

Today, she and her team design hundreds of pieces that often include hand sewing, hand dyeing, and distressing. Because of their passion for...what it once was is what it should be– timeless...they put their heart and soul in each one of their designs.

Every time you purchase any upcycled product, you are bringing us one step closer to making our planet a much better place to be. Thank you.  




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