Custom Made LOVE Kids Denim Jacket

Vintage Vibe Tribe offers custom designs so that you can stand out from the crowd. Let us design you a one of a kind piece.  Our KIDS EDITION "Love" Denum Jackt will be custm made for you. Upon receiving your order, our designer will contact you to help custom design a jacket for you. Add a patch or two to the front of this jacket to complete this look (+$10). 


Available Kids Sizes: 

  • XS (4/5) 
  • S (6/7)
  • M (8) 
  • L (10)
  • XL (12)
  • XXL  (14/16) 

Additional sizes may be available upon request. 


Vintage Vibe Tribe uses a mixture of modern vintage and new materials in order to create a vintage vibe. Many of the pieces in our collection have been reclaimed and reworked to create something special. Every time you purchase any upcycled product, you are bringing us one step closer to making our planet a much better place to be.


DISCLAIMER: Due to the use of both new and modern vintage materials, the jacket you receive may vary slightly from images shown. We do our best to source jackets that are all similar in size, color and fit.


Custom Made LOVE Kids Denim Jacket